I cant remember the last time I have posted , but found this when cleaning out my office drawer after a really really rough week last week.
for those that know me, I am a Raleigh Real Estate agent and  the proud mother of 7 children!
I lost my husband when they were about 8,9,10,11,12,16,21,
When headed to work one busy morning l0 years ago, already late as I had 3 schools to drop off at; my l0 year old son announced that he had left a most important paper at home. I knew going back to ...retrieve it meant being late to meet clients. Im sure I muttered something under my breath and probably complained the whole way back home, telling him how irresponsible he was etc.etc.
He ran in the house and I can still remember him running up to the car window and saying would you like to read my paper mom? I am thinking GET IN THE CAR!!!! I DONT HAVE TIME TO READ YOUR SILLY PAPER; I AM LATE!!!!
I immediately recognized the disappointment in his eyes and reluctantly began to read the paper. The children had been told to write a paper about "Character"
His paper was entitled MOM
"My mom is my role model. She shows lots of character traits. One of them is discipline because she knows how to set rules and enforce them. She is also very responsible by managing to go to work for many hours and comes home to get work done there that needs to be done. Patience is another one of the many character traits shown by my mom! She shows it by waiting for her clients at work, and her five children at home, and let me tell you right now that is not very easy at all by yourself? She also shows a lot of kindness because she sometimes has clients that are very fussy and kids who aren't very nice and she is still nice to them so she shows kindness and respect to help them out.
Of all her character traits she shows perseverance because even if she comes home from work exhausted, she knows that she has five kids at home that love her so she keeps going.
by : Ryan Bargoil


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Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!!