1. Refusing to make profit inducing repairs – Even minor improvements can yield you as much as 3 to 5 times the repair cost at time of sale. Your agent can point out what repairs will significantly increase the value of your home. Seemingly small fix up jobs can have quite an impact.
  2. Providing easy access for showings. Accessibility is a major key to profitability. Appointment only showings are the most restrictive. The more accessible your home the better the odds of finding a buyer willing to pay the price. You never know if the one “that got away” would have been the one.
  3. Over-priced/under-priced – one critical reason to find the right Realtor is to make sure the property is properly priced for a timely and profitable sale. If it is too low it could cost you considerable profits. If it is priced too high, it can sit.
  4. Relying solely on traditional methods to sell – the agent who is innovative and willing to offer new strategies for attracting new home buyers will out-perform the agents who solely rely on traditional methods.
  5. Timing – a professional Realtor will follow the market trends of your home market. They will know if the market is poised to net you the most money.
  6. Refusing to make cosmetic changes – The first impression is the best! A lot of home sales are lost to unkempt yards, cluttered rooms, bad stains, unpleasant odors; all the little things.
  7. Wasting time with an unqualified prospect – it is an agent’s responsibility to screen a prospect’s qualifications before valuable time is lost.
  8. Testing the market – never put your house on the market to “test the market. You should only list your house when you are serious.
  9. Believing all realtors are the same – with all the critical details involved in a home sale, you should not rely on anyone other than a professional top producing agent.

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