Six Reasons you need us to help you sell your house!!

1. We can sell it for more $$$. The National Association of Realtors "Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers" said that the typical FSBO  home sold for less than the agent assisted sale.

2. We understand how to navigate the complex contracts, addendums and disclosure statements required in a real estate transaction.

3. We  do this full time. Often sellers don't realize the amount of time we spend on each transaction behind the scenes. We try to forsee a problem and prevent!

4. We have the market knowledge to price your home competitively . and prepare a CMA (comparative market analysis)

5. We can be objective , handle criticism of the house and focus on how well the home suits a buyer

6. We can assess the buyers ability to purchase the house. We will make sure the buyer has been pre-qualified and keep up with the financing throughout the processing and be able to spot "red flags" along the way

7. If you are purchasing a home, the sellers/agent on the other side will be more likely to accept a contingent offer if they know that a Realtor is handling the sale of your home. They understand the importance of an agent in seeing a deal to closing!

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